Arch-It, Start Making Perfect Arches in Minutes, Not Hours
Half Round Arches are as Easy as 1-2-3!
Frame in opening in the usual way, then measure down half the width of the arch.
A Few Tips:
Opening's a little too small?
If need be, the top ends can be overlapped. If the opening is a little wide, the top ends can be separated by up to a few inches, and the finished arch will look perfectly round.
Are nail guns OK?
We recommend wood screws. In fact, nailing invalidates the warranty.
There's no top or bottom — install without worrying which way is up.
Perfect circles:
All arches are half of a full circle. If you're doing a 36" doorway, each arch segment is 18" wide — and 18" deep too. (If you're using a 36" set of arches on a 35" doorway, you'll still want to measure down 18" on the casing.)
Jamb wider than 3-1/2"?
Simply score arches with a drywall knife, separate them and screw them in place for the exact size you need — up to 16"!
Mudding, nailers:
You can plaster directly onto the arch. Simply drywall over the wall side of the arch, zip it, attach a corner bead and mud it. On 8' arches, some blocking may be required to meet 16" code. Nailers may also be needed for barrel vaults.
Remember, arches aren't designed to be structural support; only to be support for drywall.
Line up arch segments and screw them in place.

That's it — you're done!
Go do another one.

Then just finish it off as usual, with drywall, corner bead, mud, and paint or wallpaper.


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Versatility & Simplicity
Even for a complex installation such as this two-level ceiling treatment in a
dining room with an arched opening, Arch-It makes framing-in a snap.
Check out these before and after shots below.

Early stage of the dining room

Final dining room

Start Making Perfect Arches in Minutes, Not Hours.

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